Running Tips for New Runners

running shoes

Tips for a relaxed, calm, productive run


Good form is necessary for good breathing and preventing injury

1. Lean slightly forward from the ankles not the hip.
2. Head up looking forward
3. Arms bent at elbows at 90 degree angle with elbows tucked in and fingers brushing the hips

Don’t fight to breathe

1. Shoulders back to keep back straight
2. Breathe deep into belly
3. Breathe rhythmically – inhale for 2 steps; exhale for 3 steps (or vice versa)


1. Don’t start too fast. If anything, start slow and gradually move to pace
2. Do 1 – 10 minutes of core work per day
3. Do strides once a week:
Run starting from slow to fast (faster than pace) for 15-20 seconds, then rest                         completely. Repeat 4 times.
4. Calculate stride rate (optimum is 180)
Stride rate is the number of footfalls per minute. Calculate by counting the number of          times one foot (either right or left) hits the pavement for one minute then multiply by 2.  EX. Right foot hits 60 times in one minute x 2 = 120 stride rate


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