Team of Mules Wellness Challenge


January marks the beginning of not only a New Year, but new possibilities for a healthier community by joining the Team of Mules Challenge. Sponsored by the Wellness & Aquatics Complex, Maury Regional Medical Center and Columbia Power and Water Systems, the Team of Mules Challenge is a county-wide competition from January 1 – April 11, 2015 to lose the weight equivalent of a team of mules (8,000 lbs.). Participants are asked to sign up via the Team of Mules website at and register. Registration is free and takes only a few minutes.

This is an absolutely free community service that will allow participants to track their weight loss and fitness goals, attend free events like cooking classes and exercise groups, and share their progress on social media. Participants will also gain access to valuable health and wellness resources, including workout tips, fitness groups and recipes. Join as an individual or as a team member through church groups, volunteer groups, or work groups.

Businesses are encouraged to participate by forming teams and offering incentives to employees to join the challenge and meet individual and business-wide goals. For more information on how your business can be a part of the Team of Mules Challenge, contact Lydia Jolly at 931-548-2405.

Some of the activities offered in conjunction with the Team of Mules Challenge are run/walk groups, cooking classes, CrossFit classes, Diabetes education group, and various fitness classes. Need information, inspiration or motivation? Check out Team of Mules on social media:, @TeamOfMules, and teamofmules on Instagram.  Questions? Contact Lydia Jolly at 931-548-2405 or


As part of the Team of Mules challenge, Maury County Parks & Recreation is pleased to offer a free Couch to 5k program. Designed for the beginner runner, the program takes participants through a run/walk schedule that will prepare for the Mule Kick 5k on April 11, 2015 at Riverwalk Park.

A group run/walk is scheduled each Saturday beginning January 17 at 9:00am at the Bridle & Saddle shelter in Maury County Park. Each Saturday corresponds to the training schedule and has a different focus area each week, such as running form, hills, intervals and pacing. An exercise group is a great way to start an exercise routine, stay on track with your goals, and meet new people. This program is free and no registration is needed. Attend every meet-up, or just those that fit your schedule.

The full C25 training schedule and Saturday meet-up schedule from January through April 11 will be posted on the Team of Mules website, and on the Parks Facebook page and on its Events & Education page at

For more information on the C25 program, contact Michelle at (931) 375-6102 or email


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